Protect Seniors with New HVAC & Save 10 – 30%

Extreme temperatures can cause serious injuries in the senior population, and yet 77% of buildings constructed before 2000 have old HVAC. With a subscription, you can upgrade your HVAC and other energy systems for 10 – 30% less than what you’re spending today and make your facilities a safer place for residents to enjoy their golden years.

About the Technology

Outsource your energy systems to Southern Company and get complete relief from the hassle of owning aging energy assets. We partner with best-in-class service providers to take responsibility for your systems for a single, monthly OpEx* payment. This includes ongoing maintenance and repair, technology replacement decisions, and installation — leaving you with all the benefits like:

  • More CapEx* in your budget
  • Peace of mind that your systems will always work as they should or you don’t pay
  • Lower energy costs thanks to optimized technology performance
  • Predictable costs
  • Fewer business interruptions
  • More time and capital to focus on your residents

*Accounting treatment depends on customer tax and legal guidance.

How it Works


Maintain & Repair

Ongoing maintenance and emergency repairs for all existing technology are covered under the subscription, allowing you to focus on other priorities.

Monitoring & Optimization

Monitoring and controls are installed on all of your technology to optimize performance and identify and proactively address issues, ensuring you avoid business interruptions.


Replace Assets

Underperforming assets are replaced across your portfolio as needed at no additional cost to ensure your buildings are running as efficiently as possible.

“Resident's Council was held yesterday and numerous residents wanted to express their gratitude, and I wanted to be sure and pass it along. From all of us – thank you!”

Senior Living Community Executive Director


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