Dollar General’s Multitool 

You can spend less at each of your facilities by subscribing to your energy infrastructure through Southern Company

Serving You So You Can Serve Others

Here are just a few ways the Southern Company Technology Subscription can work for Dollar General:

Reduce transportation costs with electric vehicles:

A new electric vehicle fleet will help you transport fresh foods to the rural communities that count on you. Electric trucks will also lower your transportation costs — and carbon emissions — because they don’t use fossil fuels.

Efficient, cost-effective distribution centers:

Your existing facilities will run as efficiently as possible once we install new technology and preventatively service assets, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.

More growth in less time:

With the hassle and expense of owning and operating energy assets removed, Dollar General can expand to new locations, faster, and complete those projects for less.

Want to learn more about the subscription?

Subscription Features

One Monthly Cost

A monthly OpEx payment covers monitoring, installation, repairs and ongoing service with no upfront cost.

Asset-Level Monitoring

We install monitoring and controls to optimize your equipment and identify issues before they occur.

Simple Contract

Our short, easy-to-execute four-page contract includes a simple list of your new technology and how it works.

Technology Guarantee

We ensure your technology performs through the entire contract term. If it doesn’t work, you don’t pay.

Covered Technology

  • Monitoring & Controls
  • Lighting
  • HVAC & Mechanical
  • Energy Storage
  • Smart Thermostats
  • Fans
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Gensets
  • Electric Vehicles
  • EV Charging Stations
  • Refrigeration

Organizations using using a technology subscription

True Value
Concord University logo
Holiday Inn
Dove Healthcare
Burger King
Urban Land Conservancy logo

*Disclaimer: The goods and services that Sparkfund may provide are provided by Sparkfund, which is indirectly owned in part by Southern Company. Sparkfund is not a regulated utility. Customers are not required to buy goods or services from Sparkfund to receive the same quality of utility service it currently receives from its power provider.