How it Works

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1. Data Collection

We collect data on your buildings and existing assets through an audit.

2. System Selection

You select which systems you want covered at each location — including assets you already own.

3. Monitoring, Controls & Optimization

We install monitoring and controls on your systems, and optimize your system’s performance.

4. Functional Guarantee

We take over responsibility for the performance of your systems, regardless of their age, and guarantee it will work. If it doesn't, you don't pay.

5. Maintenance

We complete preventative maintenance and, if needed, emergency repairs.

6. Replacement

We replace underperforming assets and manage the whole process for you.

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Benefits of New Technology

Our subscription covers the maintenance, replacement and optimization of your energy systems so you can focus on building communities not fixing your buildings.

Improved Resident Safety

In 2017, unintentional falls were the No. 1 cause of death of people 65 years and older. LED lights, like those covered by the technology subscription, are brighter than traditional bulbs, reduce glare and don’t flicker.

Improved Resident Health

Obesity, diabetes and certain medications can prevent seniors from regulating their own body temperature. Well-maintained HVAC can protect your residents from hyperthermia and hypothermia. The technology subscription uses advanced monitoring to set a proactive maintenance schedule and avoid failures.

System Reliability

If a storm or blackout knocks out the power, a backup generator will keep the lights, HVAC and medical equipment on at your facilities. Most importantly, you’ll have the peace of mind that your residents will always be safe regardless of the weather.

“Resident's Council was held yesterday and numerous residents wanted to express their gratitude, and I wanted to be sure and pass it along. From all of us – thank you!”

Senior Living Community Executive Director


We support 14+ technologies that keeps your facilities safe.


HVAC & Mechanical

Monitoring & Controls


Backup Generators

Other Proven Technologies

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